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VO Infrastructure

- a virtual organization, which deals with ensuring the provision of standards for Grid Services for virtual organizations, to ensure reliability functioning of the Ukrainian power grid, Grid training for users and administrators of the Grid sites, as well as the creation of technical conditions UNG for entry into the international grid community...learnmoreaboutus


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EGI-UberCloud Partnership Bridging Research and Innovation

EGI is proud to announce a collaboration with UberCloud based on a shared vision to embrace distributed computing, storage and data related technologies. ... read more 

EGI joins forces with Compute Canada

The EGI Foundation and Compute Canada have signed an agreement to create global environments for shared e-infrastructure and to enhance collaborations... read more 

The third edition of Wolfram Mathematica on Ukrainian and Russian!

The author, Andrey Zelenitsya,  published a translation of the third edition of the interactive tutorial for Wolfram Mathematica on the ... read more 

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Science as Voyage: Ian Foster at TEDxCERN

Ian Foster's research for high performance distributed and parallel computing has many call him 'father of grid computing'.... looking 

EGI Service for Chemistry, Molecular&Materials Sciences community

In this Webinar presentation Gergely Sipos from EGI.eu provided an overview of the services that the European Grid Infrastructure... looking 

Ian Foster interview Argonne National Lab Globus GlobusWorld Computation Institute

Interview with grid computing pioneer Ian Foster on the evolution of distributed computing, developments with Globus projects... looking 

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