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The EGI Conference 2017


The EGI Conference 2017 was the EGI Community's main event of 2017 and the last meeting organised in the context of the EGI-Engage project. The programme focused on the technical roadmap of EGI, with days  to authorisation and authentication, compute services both HTC and cloud, as well as storage and data services and uptake of the services in scientific communities. Sessions on e-infrastructure governance, procurement and business models were also included in the programme.

The INDIGO Summit 2017 was the flagship event of the INDIGO-DataCloud project, with a focus on user engagement and the INDIGO service catalogue. This event was centered on exploring the solutions provided by the INDIGO software, applying them to concrete use cases brought forward by scientific communities and resource providers. Demos, training and hands-on implementation sessions will also be included in the programme.

The events were hosted by INFN-Catania, part of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics and had the support of the Metropolitan City of Catania.


EGI Conference: NGI Roadmaps - Operations and engagement with new communities

EGI relies on its participants, the national service providers (NGIs) and European Research Organizations to provide advanced e-infrastructure services and related support to different user groups. This sessions puts the the EGI participants in the spot light to present and discuss recent success stories and future plans concerning the operation of national e-infrastructure services, adoption of EGI services in the national context, engagement with and support for new user communities. The EGI Foundation team will update NGI teams about the tools and services that are available to them for community engagement and support projects.




























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