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F-UJI Automated FAIR Data Assessment Tool

The F-UJI assessment is based on 16 out of 17 core FAIR object assessment metrics developed within FAIRsFAIR and each corresponding to a part or the whole of a FAIR principle. F-UJI adheres to existing web standards and PID resolution services best practices and utilises external registries and resources such as re3data1 and Datacite2 APIs, SPDX License List3, RDA Metadata Standards Catalog4, and Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV)5   For information on the practical tests implemented against the metrics, see Devaraju, Huber, et al., 2020.

The source code is now available with a free license through Github. Any feedback on improving the tool and associated metrics can be added as an issue on Github.


To test the F-UJI online test service please visit the new web demo client.
For more details on the tool, please contact
 Robert Huber

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Developed in MCG
2011, Bogolyubov Institute for Theorethical Physics