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Representatives NAS of Ukraine met with the delegation of CERN.


March,10-13 the Delegation of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) visited Kyiv. The main purpose of the visit is to discuss further ways of cooperation mechanism under the Agreement with Ukraine on granting it the status of associate member of CERN. During the visit,  CERN representatives met with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine SM Kvit, during which discussed the future cooperation and solving of financial problems related to the Association Agreement. He underlined the importance for Ukraine of the participate in CERN,  assured full support cooperation with this organization, and promised that by the end of the year will be completed notification procedures of Agreement between Ukraine and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The CERN delegation visited Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where acquainted with the Ukrainian Grid and one of the centers of collective use Tier-2,  with integration of Ukrainian grid system in international projects of high energy physics. 11-13 March 2015 were held meetings of representatives of the European Organization for Nuclear Research with the directions of work of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Their main topic was the question of further cooperation between the two institutions. Director of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (MAcS), A.V. Lisovoy described the experience of working with intellectually gifted youth and creating opportunities for teacher training. Representatives of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presented on the foreign partners the work of Centre  Information of CERN, which operates successfully in the MAcS. During the meeting with the Vice Presidents of NAS of Ukraine, of the  academician A.G. Naumovec and academician  A.G.  Zagorodny, the  CERN representatives pledged of actively promote and take part in the Ukrainian Festival of Science - 2016 Summing up the meeting, representatives of CERN noted need of the visit of  Ukrainian delegation to CERN for study of level of engineering achievements in experiments at CERN and capabilities further the involvement of Ukrainian engineers and scientists, which are work in area of apply science..



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