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CLARIN makes digital language resources available to scholars and researchers of all disciplines, in particular humanities and social sciences.

28 February 2014 go

F. Paganelli, Zs. Nagy, O. Smirnova, and various contributions from all ARC developers.

The ARC middleware  by NorduGrid  is a software solution that uses grid technologies to enable sharing and federation of computing and storage resources distributed across di_erent administrative and application domains. ARC is used to create grid infrastructures of various scope and complexity, from campus to national grids.

28 June 2012 go

This instruction is applicable to  any Linux distribution  based on RHEL5 for the platform of x86_64, - for example, Scientific Linux or CentOS. It is recommended to use Scientific Linux 5.8. For Scientific Linux a mirror is supported for acceleration of network installations.

28 June 2012 go

Setting up PHP VOMS-Admin on the top of Scientific Linux 6.2 and configuring multi-master replication for test VO.

20 June 2012 go



23 November 2011 go
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