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RP_OLA_sm.pngThis document defines the minimum set of operational services and the respective quality parameters that an EGI Resource infrastructure Provider is required to provide.

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This is a table of documents required for Resource Centre registration and certification.

The Resource Centre administrators should read and understand the first five documents. It is a further requirement that the OLA between the NGI and Site, the Grid Site Operations Policy and Site Registration Security Policy are accepted by the Site Operations Manager. Further, documents referred within the latter two policy documents should also be understood.


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A procedure for the steps involved to both register and certify new Resource Centres (sites) in the EGI infrastructure. The certification step can also be used to re-certify suspended Resource Centres (sites).

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User_Community_small.pngThe document aims to serve as an important asset for potential users of the European Grid Infrastructure to understand the scope and level of support that they can expect from EGI. This also constitutes a handbook for NGIs that wish to provide support services for users and that would like to join their national efforts to the complex landscape of EGI user support mechanisms.


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Integrating_Resources_small.pngThis document describes and defines the operational interfaces that must be supported for resources to be integrated into EGI. This includes operational tools provided by the EGI-InSPIRE JRA1 activity and procedures and policies defined to ensure interoperability within EGI and in the interaction with other DCIs, the adoption of best practices and compliance with service level agreements. 


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