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Application of grid technologies



Map of WeNMR Grid Users

07 December 2011 go



13 September 2011 go

Enviromental_small.pngEGI - user forum 2011 11-14 April, Vilnus, Lithuania.

29 August 2011 go

Grid_use_casee_small.pngSelected grid success stories in the areas of physics, medicine, astronomy, life sciences etc

Catherine Gater


20 August 2011 go

LSGC_small.pngVirtual Research Communities: EGI's model for supporting the Life Sciences Grid Community
Keynote given at Healthgrid conference, Bristol, UK in June 2011 by Steve Brewer

06 August 2011 go
Developed in MCG
2011, Bogolyubov Institute for Theorethical Physics